Childrens Safety Accessories

Magnetic Angle Locks (2)
Angle Locks (2)
Littlelife Angle Locks (2)
Sale price€5,49
Magnetic Locks (4)
Littlelife Magnetic Locks (4)
Sale price€14,29
Drawer Latches (4)
Littlelife Drawer Latches (4)
Sale price€5,49
Cupboard Lock (1)
Littlelife Cupboard Lock (1)
Sale price€5,49
Removable strips (24)
Cupboard Latches (2)Cupboard Latches (2)
Littlelife Cupboard Latches (2)
Sale price€5,49
TV/Furniture Straps (2)
Multi-purpose Latches (2)
Door StopperDoor Stopper
Littlelife Door Stopper
Sale price€4,39
Door GripperDoor Gripper
Littlelife Door Gripper
Sale price€5,49
Toilet Lock (1)
Littlelife Toilet Lock (1)
Sale price€5,49
Window lock
Littlelife Window lock
Sale price€6,59
Oven Knob Covers Pack of 4
EU Plug Socket Covers Pack of 8
UK Plug Socket Covers Pack of 8
Corner Protectors 4 Pack

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